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At JBPA we offer consulting, acquisitions, development and construction management services.

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We build the structures
and infrastructure

Construction Management
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We can help with construction management supervision, zoning and subdivision applications and approvals

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Our development supervision services includes design, project budgeting and cost management

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We work on land selection and procurement as well as necessary acquisition of municipal permits.

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We offer project consulting services that include planning, design and development 


We know how to deliver your vision

The JBPA team pools their extensive construction management expertise to provide construction services for new buildings and high rises that they are shareholders in.

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We build the structures
and infrastructure

Our expertise

We construct spaces where amazing things happen

Construction services

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Interior construction

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Virtual design and construction

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Preconstruction services

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why us?

We conduct all business with the highest standards

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What our clients say

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Reginald Webb
Co-founder & CEO

It’s an exciting time in the construction industry

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